Ghosthouse Defender

A simple game as work sample written in ActionScript 3.

  • Own MVC game-engine base on the Starling framework

A turnbase-tactic game for mobile devices with Adobe AIR written in ActionScript 3.

  • Own game-engine base on the Starling framework
  • Pathfinding
  • Support for isometric and hexagon tilemaps
  • Mapeditor
  • Mapdata(Trigger,enemies,..) stored in xml-files
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Black Prophecy

A Space Free2Play MMOG developed by Reakktor Media GmbH, where i was responsible for creating the user interface with the middleware Scaleform in ActionScript 2 and C++.

  • GUI System with own components for buttons, lists, tables, ...
  • Document-view pattern
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A sidescroller engine test written in ActionScript 3

  • Level data stored in xml-file
  • AI scriptable in xml-files
  • Parallax background scrolling
  • Coder-art graphics
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A prototype for an action mmorpg written in ActionScript 3(Client) and Java(Server).

  • Action-fightsystem
  • Persistent world stored in a MySQL Database
  • Chatsystem
  • Questsystem
  • Own pixelperfect collision system
  • Gamedata stored in xml files
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A action rpg for mobile devices written in J2ME.

  • Action-fightsystem
  • Own collisionsystem
  • Created in 5 days at the projectweek on the university

A pendulum simulator written in ActionScript 3.

  • Two coupled spring-mass-systems
  • Movement calculated by Runge Kutta Method
  • Simple drag drop interaction
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A crossword-creator written in Java with database support.

  • Support for Oracle and MySQL databases
  • self-created setup routine
  • advanced search function for words in editor
  • print function with preview view
Marvin the suicide-bot

A 3D animation made with Cinema 4D for a university course.

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About me

Hi, my name is Sebastian Ahlers and I'm a software developer based in Hanover, Germany. After my university studies in Media Computer Science on the University of Applied Scienes Osnabrück, i start working for Reakktor Media GmbH. This made my childhood dream come true to work in the games industry. At Reakktor i was developing the user interface for MMOG Black Prophecy and 3 additional addons with the middleware Scaleform in ActionScript and C++. After finishing my work on Black Prophecy i was developing on a new game for mobile devices with Adobe AIR. On end of march Reakktor become insolvent and now i'm searching for new challenges to improve my skills and work on exciting projects.

My skills
  • Programming languages:
    C, C++, C#, ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Java, Javascript
  • Frameworks & SDKs:
    Starling, Unity3D, Scaleform, Android SDK, SmartFoxServer
  • Software & IDEs:
    Adobe Flash, Adobe FlashBuilder, FlashDevelop, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Unity3D, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Cinema4D, Autodesk Maya
  • Additional skills:
    MySQL, Oracle DB, HTML, CSS, UML


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